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“Whatever God called me to do, I knew it had to be marked by a willingness to give everything away.” John Wimber

Give is a core value at Antrim Coast Vineyard. We believe God calls us to radical generosity in many ways; including our finances, our time and our homes.

Antrim Coast Vineyard financially and prayerfully supports organisations, locally, nationally and internationally. As a compassionate Church we share our resources to care for others and lift them from poverty and injustice. 
Antrim Coast Vineyard is registering as a charity and therefore is dependent entirely upon the faithful generosity of our community. Through regular monthly donations, we can plan and budget effectively. However, we recognise that this is not always a suitable option for everyone, so one-off donations can also be made.
Please click the ‘Give Online’ button to use either method. There is also an option for UK tax payers to make a gift aid declaration.
If you require further information or assistance, please email:
Thank you
Andy & Andrea Howard
Giving online is simple, safe and secure.

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