making room for another

Our Values

We want to be a place where space is made by people for people; to dream, create, grow and give away


We are a family who dreams together. We believe God has a beautiful dream for the Antrim Coast area, and we look to partner with Him in bringing that dream alive by demonstrating the extraordinary love of Jesus through our everyday lives. We believe God dreams great things for each of us as individuals, so we are passionate about encouraging each other to discover what we are made for.


We believe God who created us in His own image, created us to partner with Him in rewriting the story of our towns and villages. We want to encourage a culture of courageous creativity, believing that as a Church we exist not for ourselves but rather the Antrim Coast community. We love that we can be creative using what God gives us, doing what we can with what we have, right where we are. 


We believe Jesus desires each of us to grow individually in personal relationship with Him. We highly value growing in relationship with each other in community, as creating room for one another is one of our highest priorities. As a community we believe in the importance of growing together as the family of God, and so we are passionate and excited about growing God’s Kingdom as Antrim Coast Vineyard. 


We believe God calls us to radical generosity in many ways including our finances, our time and our homes. We are called to practically serve one another, both in Church and in the communities God has placed us. As a compassionate Church we share our resources to care for others and lift them from poverty and injustice. We believe we carry God’s presence wherever we go. In His presence we experience His love, and as He changes us we can’t help but share it with others.

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