Christmas Story



Hope was born that night with a manger in a stable as the prophecies had told
Genesis first spoke of the one to come.
Isaiah foretold of this baby King and His virgin mum.
Micah, he spoke of Bethlehem and how from that town a ruler would come.
In Numbers, the star.
In Psalms it is written of Kings from afar,
bringing gifts to His feet
The Shepherds it said would be bowed to Him.
He would be called Emmanuel, Prince of Peace, Everlasting Father…
The Rescuer had come and hope was born that night.

Hope was there that day from a cross, to a tomb the stone was rolled away as the prophecies had told.
Isaiah told He would take up our pain.
The One who did not sin,
He took it all.
The manger is empty, the cross is bare and the tomb has no body.

Hope was born, Hope was there and Hope is here.