February's Story

Emma Boucher

Go Deeper

What do Swansea Bay and Unit 1D, Ledcom Industrial Estate have in common?

The presence of the Living God who is ready to meet with His people.

How do I know?

In May 2023, as we were in the throes of getting ready to start out on our adventure to Northern Ireland, moving from the place which had been home for 12 years to a place we knew little or nothing about, God decided to show up.

I had been expecting to have a day of organising and packing boxes (and possibly some laundry) but God had different plans! After dropping Sam to school, I realised it was a curiously sunny day for Swansea and got the sense God wanted me to take a walk. Many times, I had gone past Hafod Copperworks, next to the River Tawe, on the bus and something about it fascinated me but I’d always had something or other which stopped me from going! I decided to board a bus with the idea of a half hour walk and then home to carry on with the emotional journey ahead, but a few hours later after following the river on its journey through the city (which I’d never done before!) I found myself on the sand of Swansea Bay – it had been a fascinating time and I knew God was in it – I felt invigorated and alive and ready for the challenge ahead. I picked up a shell to pop in my pocket and remember the walk by but God said ‘You don’t need a shell to remember your time in Swansea, Emma, put it down’, so I did.

Seven months later, I found myself in Unit 1D, Ledcom Industrial Estate at the end of the Ladies Retreat being asked to pick up a shell. I was stunned that God had shown up quite in this way – only He (and a few family members) knew about the shell I left behind in Swansea and the significance to me. As I reached out to pick up the shell I said the simple word ‘Home’ because I knew in a new way that God was telling me that wherever I go, He is with me. He is the same God in Larne as in Swansea Bay. He is the creator of the universe and He wants an intimate relationship with His people. We have a unique privilege to be part of God’s Family when we accept Him as Saviour, and that family extends globally. 

Each Sunday morning I am struck by the fact that He meets with His family worldwide as we meet together at church – but we don’t just need to leave it to Sundays. He wants to meet with us through the week too. He wants to meet with us daily and walk alongside us. Isaiah 43v1 says ‘Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine’. Wow. The creator of the universe knows my name. And, actually it goes deeper – He knows the hairs on my head. There’s nothing I can hide from Him.

I can’t see the masterplan. When I picked up the shell on the beach in Swansea, I didn’t know where I would be in seven months time. But God did – every single detail. He knows the same for each of us. He wants us to know Him too. Let’s go deeper in 2024.